Panic/ Exit Device


In the event of Fire people panic and normal Door Locks handles and levers are not operable. The exit panic doors do an excellent job of both securing a building and providing a safe way out in an emergency. Panic exit hardware is sprayed silver and stoved for improved durability. Head covers, latch covers, end caps and rod covers fixing clips from gray ABS plastic moldings.

Panic bars are installed on exit doors for extra security and safe passage for crowd in panic. These doors are normally closed and at the time of emergency the doors can be opened by pressing the Panic Bar. On the other side either no access or access with key is provided for security. Whereas access from inside to outside is available even if the Panic bar is locked from outside.

We have a range of push bar devices available. The 376E Series is a range of push bar devices designed to suit single and double door applications. The 376E Series can be used on aluminium, hollow metal or wood swinging commercial doors. Available as rim and surface mounted vertical panic bolt devices. Each model in the 376E Series is operated by a horizontal push bar, which when pushed in a downward arc withdraws either the bolts or latch, releasing the door for immediate escape in the event of an emergency.

All 376E series push bars have been designed and tested for exterior use, including wet and polluted environments. The 376E series has been tested to 600,000 cycles.

Enhanced security can be provided in Exit doors by installing Panic bars with alarm. Pressing the panic bar sets off the alarm.

The 376E is reversible and has two point locking for extra security. An anti-thrust device is also standard with the 376E to prevent unauthorized retraction of the latch bolt.

Model 378E

The 378E reversible rim panic latch is suitable for all types of single doors. The 378E is suitable for doors between 665mm and 1300mm. For rebated doors, a minimum stile width of 78mm is required for 13mm rebates and 90mm for 25mm rebates. The 378E can be used with a rim cylinder fitted to the outside of the door.