Bugging Device

The new "BUG" enables the user to listen, via telephone lines, to any location around the world in which the "UIB" has been installed, at any time, 24 hours a day. The listening operation can be carried out from any type of telephone, fixed or mobile, by simply dialling the secret telephone number on which the "UIB" is installed. The "UNIVERSAL INFINITY BUG" operates over local, inter city or international telephone lines. The sensitive "UIB" will provide instant listening and monitoring, with superb sound quality! It's activation and operation are silent, providing full discreetness to the user!

The listening period is 8 - 9 minutes and can be extended by re-dialling the same number making the listening period indefinite! It is recommended that the "UIB" is installed on a dedicated telephone line, whose secret number will be known only to the user.

An automatic bugging and recording system for monitoring telephone lines

wire connected This automatic bugging system consists of a sophisticated solid-state automatic adaptor - The "TAPE MATE" and a "Sony" cassette recorder which was converted specially for this application. The cassette recorder has been converted to provide a total of 5 hours of recording time, using standard 120 minute cassettes. It is also fitted with a remote control socket to enable automatic activation by the adaptor The adaptor will activate the recorder automatically, each time the telephone line is in use. This system will provide Clear and crisp recordings of ALL incoming and outgoing calls made from ANY extension on the line.The automatic adaptor and cassette recorder can be connected anywhere along the line, inside or outside the home, in any room and to any point, extension or socket on the telephone line. The connection to the line is in parallel - like an additional extension. It will record automatically all incoming and outgoing calls from all extensions of the line.